Exhibition and display materials are typically some of the most unsustainable in the design world. In addition, most installations and exhibitions are temporary and the materials used to create them are often sent straight to landfill as soon as it’s time for the next show or promotion. In recent years more sustainable options and practices have started to become available, but the field is still a long way to go.

In this project, we researched other productions of the world that are wasteful or harmful to the environment. My group latched onto the extremely pollutive world of fast fashion that uses synthetic materials which when washed, create microfiber plastics that pollute our oceans. 


For this project, I worked in a team with Camille Vance and Kevin Oh. This project was a rewarding example of how a dynamic and willing team can lead to creative and successful outcomes.

This project involved many stages of construction. First, we sculpted all of our sea creatures, followed by a layer of spray paint. Next, we covered everything in recycled fabrics to reinforce the theme of our material. Lastly, we arranged our creatures on our platform in a circular shape to add an element of motion and further emphasize the concept of this cyclical problem.

Simultaneously, we shot footage to project onto our installation and created a continuous video with corresponding audio to layer into our immersive story.